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For ages 2-16 in Hillsborough

Children’s football sessions at Hillsborough College

Every Wednesday Night

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Ages 2-7 are located in a sports hall, ages 8-16 are located on the 3G

Our Services in depth at our Sheffield centre

Football sessions for Ages 2-4 years

Our Parent and Toddler group provides young children with a fun and age-appropriate introduction into football, We focus on fundamental movement skills, (FMS) Which are the basic movements traditionally associated with human physical activity.

Our Parent and Toddler class is run by our senior coach Simon Holmshaw who has been involved in kids football coaching for 15 years. He is FA Qualified.

Football sessions for Ages 5-7 years

This age group focuses on teaching and developing players technical and tactical football skills, providing a fun unstructured environment where youngsters can grow on their journey to become the all-rounded football player

Ethan leads our 5-7 key stage 1 sessions. Ethan has 8 years experience coaching and possess a masters in sports coaching and FA Qualifications.

Football sessions for children Aged 8-11 years

8-11 Soccer follows our Grassroots Plus training programme and allows players to work on improving their skills and technical ability. These Football training sessions  are for both boys and girls.

Simon Holmshaw, one of our most experienced coaches leads our GRASSROOTS Plus sessions for boys and girls aged 8-11 in Sheffield.

1:1 Personal tuition

We offer 1:1 football coaching sessions that are bespoke to the players requirements. Once you have booked the session our coach will contact you by email to discuss the player requirements

These sessions are primarily ran and overseen by Coach Ethan on Friday Nights. Ethan has 8 years experience coaching and possess a masters in sports coaching and FA Qualifications. He is currently the Women’s manager of Horsforth St Margaret’s

The THA Sheffield Team

How to find us at our sessions

Children’s football coaching – THA’s guiding principals

Our Children’s football coaching involves teaching young children the fundamental skills and techniques of football in a fun and engaging manner. It is essential to us to create a positive and supportive environment that encourages children to develop their skills, improve their physical fitness, and enjoy the game.

Ages 8-11 at our Sheffield Centre

Key considerations in our children’s football coaching:

  1. Age-appropriate activities: Tailored coaching methods that suit our age groups . Younger children may require simpler activities and games, while older children can handle more complex drills.
  2. Basic skills development: Focus on teaching the fundamental skills of football, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and controlling the ball. These are broken down into smaller, manageable steps to help children grasp them effectively.
  3. Fun and engaging sessions: Our training sessions are desgined to be enjoyable and interactive. We Incorporate small-sided games, challenges, and competitions to keep children motivated and enthusiastic about learning.
  4. We emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship: Our Coaching staff teach children the value of working together as a team and promoting good sportsmanship. Encouraging fair play, respect for opponents and referees, and celebrating both individual and team achievements.
  5. Positive reinforcement: Provide constructive feedback and praise to boost children’s confidence and motivation. Encouraging their progress and emphasize effort rather than solely focusing on outcomes.
  6. Safety measures: We ensure the safety of the children by creating a secure playing environment. Coaches teach them proper warm-up exercises, encourage the use of protective gear (e.g., shin guards), and enforce the rules to prevent injuries.
  7. Variety and progression: Introduce a variety of drills, exercises, and game situations to keep children engaged and continuously challenge them. Gradually progress the difficulty level as they improve their skills.
  8. Communication and rapport: Build a positive rapport with the children and maintain open lines of communication with parents or guardians. Regularly update parents on their child’s progress with our monthly feedback sheets and involve them in the coaching process.
  9. Inclusive approach: Cater to the needs and abilities of all children, regardless of their skill level or physical capabilities. Adapt activities and provide individualized attention, if necessary, to ensure every child feels included and valued.
  10. Enjoyment over results: Prioritize the children’s enjoyment of the game and their overall development over winning or achieving specific outcomes. Instil a love for football and inspire them to continue playing in the long term

The THA Football Centre has a focus on creating a positive and supportive environment that fosters a love for the game, develops skills, and promotes overall well-being.

How to get in touch

  • Via Contact page
  • Via telephone on 07719 374139
  • You can also book direct for a session on the Booking System”
  • Chat to us direct using Facebook messenger service located at the bottom right hand of the page

How to Find us on

The aim of our football coaching centre is to offer a support training facility to new or existing players to grass roots football to improve on a football players technical and tactical ability. Children can still play for their grassroots club, we are here to supply an additional coaching resource to improve the player, whether that be as and outfield player or as a goal keeper. With a combined wealth of experience in junior and senior football, experience in coaching both girls and boys, our aim and guiding principals are to develop players in many facets of the game.

Football Association trained coaches, University degree level learning. First Aid, Child Safeguarding, Fire Marshall qualified and with Risk Assessments in place to cover activities and Covid 19.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your child is in safe hands.

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