Our playing philosophy at THA

At The Holmshaw Academy, our aim is to create ‘the all-rounded football player’. This player is one who can be adaptable and creative in any position on the football pitch. It’s important in modern day football that players are adaptable, in order to compete in the ever changing game.

Our playing philosophy is greatly influenced by AFC Ajax, who we believe have time and time again developed the best tactically and technically gifted footballers in world football. Check out this blog post for more information

As influenced by the famous Ajax philosophy, we believe the way to create this player is by training and playing players in every position until players are aged 13 or 14.

At THA football centre, we actively encourage youngsters to try out new positions in all training sessions. We only begin to focus a player in a certain position when they reach age 13 or 14.

In order to create ‘the all rounded football player’ we believe in delivering football sessions that provides opportunities for young children to experiment, explore and learn through trial and error. Our sessions are usually ‘games-based’ and try to relate to the youth football game as much as possible.

We are not a fan of getting our players to ‘pass in pairs’. To us this is boring for the young child, and restricts opportunities for creativity. Our sessions encourage learning through fun-based games and activities.

We encourage parents to engage with our playing philosophy. We belief in long-term development over short term gain. Over time, you will start to see the results on the pitch in your child’s performances!

Check out our recent blog post explaining why we aim to create “the all-rounded player”

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