ONE TO ONE Football Coaching

1:1 individual personal football training sessions for children aged 8-16

1:1 individual personal tuition

What do our sessions offer?

These sessions for children aged 8-11 follow our Personal 1:1 tuition programme designed by Masters degree level coaches

1:1 football coaching sessions that are bespoke to the players requirements.

These sessions are organised with the parent & player to ensure they develop the necessary areas of the players game

They focus on developing and refining technical skills of players to ensure effective execution within matches

Grassroots Plus football training for kids

These sessions follow our bespoke 1:1 Football sessions curriculum

These sessions follow our bespoke 1:1 individual personal tuition curriculum for 8-16 year olds

They aim to develop and refine technical skills of players through an individualised focus and exceptional attention to detail

Each session aims to achieve a set of session objectives which aim to refine technical skills of players

Our 1:1 football coaching sessions focus on 5 areas of holistic development (tactical, technical, physical, psychological, social). Our coaches analyse areas for improvement in each holistic trait for our players and create sessions on this to improve player

Every 2 weeks the player will receive a individualised player feedback sheet based on the areas covered to highlight strengths, areas for improvements and any targets the coach has set

Our 1:1 Specialist coaches are all FA & University qualified to ensure we provide the highest level of quality sessions we can!

1:1 football coaching

Once you have booked the session we contact you to discuss the player requirements. Read Nick Firths blog on how he conducted a pre session fact finder with one of our 12-16 Girls…….

Players who book monthly one to one programme sessions (which attract a discount) will be provided with monthly player feedback reports to monitor progress in each holistic area.

Our 1:1 football coaching sessions run for 60 minutes. We have 2 coaches that specialise in different age groups & positions with details below.

We have three coaches who specialise in 1:1 personal training

Sean Nyamudandara Nick Firth Ethan Holmshaw

Check out or 1:1 Gallery below

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