Children’s Football Centres in Leeds

For ages 2-16 years

Children’s Football sessions at Horsforth School & Pudsey Leisure Centre

Every Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Our Schedule

Friday Nights at
Horsforth School
Saturday Mornings at
Horsforth School
Saturday Mornings at
Pudsey Leisure Centre
12-16 Boys Specialist
2-4 Parent & Toddler2-4 Parent & Toddler
12-16 Girls Specialist
5-7 Key Stage 15-7 Key Stage 1
1:1 Personal Football
8-11 grassroots +Coming soon!
Ages 2-7 are located inside the Sports hall – Ages 8-16 are located outside on the 3G pitch

Our services in depth at our Leeds Centres

Football sessions for Ages 2-4 years

Our Parent and Toddler group provides young children with a fun and age-appropriate introduction into football, We focus on fundamental movement skills, (FMS) Which are the basic movements traditionally associated with human physical activity.

Our Parent and Toddler class is run by our senior coach Simon Holmshaw who has been involved in kids football coaching for 15 years. He is FA Qualified.

Football sessions for Ages 5-7 years

This age group focuses on teaching and developing players technical and tactical football skills, providing a fun unstructured environment where youngsters can grow on their journey to become the all-rounded football player

Nick Firth runs our Saturday Morning Children’s Key Stage 1 sessions and is an experienced PE teacher working with children throughout the week. He possesses a Masters degree in Sports coaching and psychology and is FA qualified

Football sessions for Ages 8-11 years

8-11 Soccer follows our Grassroots Plus training programme and allows players to work on improving their skills and technical ability. These Football training sessions  are for both boys and girls.

Ethan leads our Saturday morning 8-11 GRASSROOTS Plus sessions for boys and girls. Ethan has 8 years experience coaching and possess a masters in sports coaching and FA Qualifications.

Specialist football sessions for Boys Ages 12-16 years

Football training for Boys only is designed for boys who want to improve their technical ability and game understanding. This session follows our Boys Soccer Mastery programme.

These sessions are run by Hastings Ellis, a degree level Sports Coach who has managed the likes of Huddersfield University ladies first team and Bradford United Ladies as well as coaching at Horsforth JF

Specialist football sessions for Girls Ages 12-16 years

The football sessions follow our Girls Soccer Mastery programme where the focus is on refining and developing the girls technical and tactical football skills. While at the same time working on an understanding of their own individual psychological, social and physical traits.

These sessions are run by Ethan, a Masters degree level Sports Coach with 8 years experience who currently manages Horsforth St Margaret’s

Specialist 1:1 individual personal football sessions for Ages 8-16 years

We offer 1:1 football coaching sessions that are bespoke to the players requirements. Once you have booked the session our coach will contact you by email to discuss the player requirements

These sessions are primarily ran and overseen by Coach Ethan on Friday Nights. Ethan has 8 years experience coaching and possess a masters in sports coaching and FA Qualifications. He is currently the Women’s manager of Horsforth St Margaret’s

Nick Firth, one of our most experienced coaches occasionally leads our 1:1 individual personal sessions. He possesses a Masters degree in Sports coaching and psychology and is FA qualified

We provide a detailed analysis of the players progress.

The THA Leeds Team

How to find our sessions

The aim of our football coaching centre is to offer a support training facility to new or existing players to grass roots football. Addional and focussed training allows a player to improve on their technical and tactical ability. Children can still play for their grassroots club, we are here to supply an additional coaching resource to improve the player, whether that be as and outfield player or as a goal keeper.

With a combined wealth of experience in junior and senior football, experience in coaching both girls and boys, our aim and guiding principals are to develop players in many facets of the game.

Football Association trained coaches, University degree level learning. First Aid, Child Safeguarding, Fire Marshall qualified and with Risk Assessments in place to cover activities and Covid 19. You can be safe in the knowledge that your child is in safe hands.

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