Children’s Football sessions for 8 to 11 year olds

Grassroots + football training sessions for children aged 8-11 years of age

Grassroots Plus football training for kids

What do our sessions offer?

Our football training for boys and girls aged 8-11 classes are for kids starting out in the game and getting to grips with soccer

Our “Masters” degree level coaching team have developed several programmes, this one follows our “Grassroots Plus” development programme.

Our Grassroots Plus training programme allows players to learn the basic skills needed to start a football journey, be that with with a team on a Sunday, School teams or playing with friends.

With over 15 years experience in developing players to improve, work as a team, make friends and pick up the odd trophy, we think we know a thing or two about the Grassroots of football.

Our grassroots + group follow an annual curriculum which works on certain topics every 2 weeks to develop all rounded players

These sessions follow our bespoke Grassroots + curriculum designed for 8-11 year olds

Through this curriculum we aim to develop a strong foundation for technical skills and begin to think about tactical skills whilst also considering the biopsychosocial element of football.

The curriculum adopts a spiral curriculum format – this allows skills to be developed and then redeveloped later on to make the most complete skills and effective development

Our Grassroots plus programme follows a monthly bespoke curriculum that has been designed by Masters students – It allows us to develop each area of a players games

Our sessions are all based off one topic each month to allow the skills to developed throughout the month, sessions focus on developing technical skills within a realistic game environment and then allow players to put them into practice in a game at the end.

Each of our sessions aim to achieve a set of session objectives aimed at achieving a curriculum focus

Once again our sessions consider every element of the game and aim to develop what participants need physically, socially, technically and tactically

An example below of grassroots training working on jockeying and defending in a 1v1 game realistic scenario

At the end of each month players are provided with a feedback sheet based on the curriculum focus from that month to ensure they receive the most effective development experience possible

We also have extensive resources with our team of University trained coaches from Leeds Beckett, the university involved in designing the FA England DNA programme.

Coaching at this level requires an understanding of the balance of fun and learning, to ensure our players understand that enjoying the game of football should always come first.

Check out our 8-11 gallery below

Other football training for kids at the THA Centre

For girls aged 11-16 we have sessions to help them master the art of soccer, click the photograph for more details.

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