Girls Specialist football sessions in Leeds for 12-16 years

Specialist Football training sessions for Girls aged 12-16 years of age

Girls Soccer Mastery – Specialist small group sessions

What do our sessions offer?

These sessions for Girls aged 12-16 follow our bespoke Girls Soccer Mastery programme designed by Masters degree level coaches

Girls Specialist Football training is a small group session designed to improve both technical and tactical ability for girls aged 12-16 years

These small group sessions are perfect for players looking to learn technical & tactical football skills or those wishing to develop these further to an Elite level

They are set up with a small group format to allow our coaches to take more of a tailored individual view to your daughters development

Our Technical department have developed several bespoke training programmes for us specifically to help improve our players

These sessions follow our bespoke Girls Soccer Mastery curriculum designed for Girls aged 12-16

The football sessions follow our dedicated training programme for this age group where tactical, technical and psychosocial skills are all developed

Each month the specialist small group sessions will work on an area of our bespoke curriculum to help build there ability and develop them towards becoming an all rounded player!

Each session aims to achieve a set of session objectives to achieve the curriculum focus

All our coaches use our session plans to consider all the areas of a players game and make sure they cover these within each session

At the end of each month players are provided with monthly feedback based on the curriculum focuses they have covered. They will receive a grade of below level, at level or above level as well as strengths, areas for improvements and targets to ensure they have the most effective development experience possible!

Our coaches are University & FA qualified with years of experience

Two of our specialist small group session participants receiving their monthly feedback through the girls soccer mastery programme

These examples display the effort that goes into our specialist small group sessions!

Take a look at what you can expect from our girls specialist sessions

Benefits of girls specialist football

There are several benefits of girls-only football, including:

Encourages Participation: Girls-only football provides an opportunity for girls to participate in a sport that has traditionally been male-dominated. By creating a safe and welcoming environment, it helps to encourage more girls to get involved in football.

Builds Confidence: Playing in a girls-only team can help to build confidence and self-esteem. Girls may feel more comfortable expressing themselves and trying new things without the fear of judgment or criticism.

Develops Skills: Girls-only football provides an opportunity for female players to develop their skills without the pressure of competing against more experienced male players. They can focus on their own strengths and weaknesses and work to improve their game.

Provides Role Models: Girls-only football can provide positive role models for young girls, including coaches and female professional players. Seeing other women succeed in the sport can be inspiring and encouraging for young players.

Promotes Fitness and Health: Football is a physically demanding sport, and playing regularly can help to improve fitness levels and overall health. Girls-only football provides an opportunity for girls to stay active and healthy while having fun and enjoying the game.

Fosters Teamwork and Friendship: Football is a team sport, and playing in a girls-only team can help to foster a sense of teamwork and friendship. Players can learn to work together towards a common goal, develop strong bonds with their teammates, and build lasting friendships.

Check out our girls 12-16 gallery below

Other football training for kids at the THA Centres

We also have for boys and girls aged 8-11 football sessions that work on developing the basics at Grassroots, for more information click the photo below.

Girls Only Football

Girls-only football is a growing trend in many countries around the world, and there are many benefits to having separate teams for girls. One of the most significant benefits is that girls have the opportunity to play and compete in a safe, supportive environment without the fear of being marginalized or overlooked. Girls-only teams also provide a space for female athletes to develop their skills and gain confidence without feeling the pressure of competing against more experienced male players.

In recent years, the popularity of girls-only football has led to the establishment of several professional leagues and tournaments, including the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) in the United States, the Women’s Super League (WSL) in England, and the Frauen-Bundesliga in Germany.

Overall, girls-only football provides a valuable opportunity for female athletes to hone their skills, develop their passion for the game, and gain confidence and self-esteem on and off the field.

Women’s Super League

The Women’s Super League (WSL) is the top professional women’s football league in England. It was founded in 2010 and is run by the English Football Association (FA). The WSL currently has two divisions – the WSL 1 and the WSL 2. The league features 12 teams in the WSL 1 and 10 teams in the WSL 2.

The WSL season runs from September to May, with each team playing 20 games. The league operates on a promotion and relegation system, with the bottom team in the WSL 1 being relegated to the WSL 2 and the top team in the WSL 2 being promoted to the WSL 1.

The WSL has grown significantly in recent years, with increased investment and coverage leading to a higher standard of play and greater visibility for the league. Several top international players, including Americans Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath, have signed with WSL teams in recent years, further raising the league’s profile.

The WSL has also made efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the league, with initiatives such as the Rainbow Laces campaign, which aims to tackle homophobia in sport. Overall, the WSL is a key player in the growth and development of women’s football in England and is considered one of the top women’s football leagues in the world.

Amateur girls football

Amateur girls football refers to non-professional, community-based football programs for girls. These programs can be run by schools, local clubs, or recreational organizations, and are often aimed at providing opportunities for girls to play football in a fun and supportive environment.

Amateur girls football can take many different forms, from casual pickup games to more structured leagues and tournaments. Some programs may be open to girls of all ages and skill levels, while others may focus on specific age groups or skill levels.

Participating in amateur girls football can have many benefits, including improving fitness and health, building confidence and self-esteem, and fostering teamwork and social skills. It can also provide an opportunity for girls to develop their football skills and potentially progress to higher levels of competition in the future.

Amateur girls football programs often rely on volunteers, including coaches and organizers, and may be supported by local businesses and community organizations. These programs play an important role in promoting and growing the sport of football among girls, and can help to create a strong sense of community and connection among participants.

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