Boys Specialist football sessions in Leeds for 12-16 years

Specialist football training sessions for Boys aged 12-16 years of age

Boys Soccer Mastery – Specialist small group sessions

What do our sessions offer?

these sessions for Boys aged 12-16 follow our bespoke Boys Soccer Mastery programme designed by Masters degree level coaches

Boys specialist football training is a small group session designed to improve both technical and tactical ability for boys aged 12-16 years

In Boys Soccer Mastery our focus is to develop player tactical, technical, psychosocial and physical ability to set them on the path towards becoming all rounded players

This level of training is ideal both beginners and advanced players to receive specialist coaching to effectively develop their footballing ability

Our Technical department have developed several bespoke training programmes for us specifically to help improve our players

These sessions follow our bespoke Boys Soccer Mastery curriculum designed for Boys aged 12-16

The football sessions follow our dedicated training programme for this age group where tactical, technical and psychosocial skills are all developed

Each month the specialist small group sessions will work on an area of our bespoke curriculum to help build there ability and develop them towards becoming an all rounded player!

Each of our sessions aim to achieve a set of session objectives which aim to achieve the curriculum focus

All our coaches use our session plans to consider all the areas of a players game and make sure they cover these within each session

At the end of each month players are provided with monthly feedback based on the curriculum focuses they have covered. They will receive a grade of below level, at level or above level as well as strengths, areas for improvements and targets to ensure they have the most effective development experience possible!

Our coaches are University & FA qualified with years of experience

These examples display the effort that goes into our specialist small group sessions!

A sneak peak into what you can expect from our boys specialist sessions

An example of our specialist small group sessions in action working on technical ability within a game situation:

Check out our 12-16 boys gallery below

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