Development 2: Football for ages 12 – 16

This Development 2 age group focuses on refining skills and technique with youth football players.

In Development 2, more emphasis is made on players psychological, social and physical traits. With a focus on refining and developing youth football players technical and tactical understanding of the game. This level of training is ideal for existing players who are involved in organised football, be that in their School or playing in grass roots football..

Shooting Practice with Development 2 Age (12-16)

The 12-16 group comprises of both boys and girls, with drills based on in-game scenarios as in the video displayed below:

Hastings Ellis who runs our Friday Night Football Development 2 for the 12-16 age group in Leeds, oversees a shooting drill. The drill requires a degree of adaptability and use of player technique.

The player is positioned on the edge of the 18 yard box with their back to the goal and facing the “supposed” player making the pass. In this case it is Hastings.

Hastings throws the ball to the players Head and centre mass. This requires the first stage of control by adaptability. Where, the player has to decided how to control the ball either by using their head, shoulder, chest, knee or foot. Once the ball is under control, the player has to execute a 180 degree turn to face the goal. Once facing the goal, the player then has the freedom of choice to attack and shoot at the goal in whatever way they desire. This drill reflects a typical in-game scenario, giving players at our football centre the time to practice and enhance their technical skill set.

Our training plan focus

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