One to One Coaching with Nick Firth

Nick works at our THA Leeds Centre in Horsforth, where he is Lead Coach with our Foundation 5-7 age group on a Saturday morning.

Nick is also part of our Specialist Team for 1:1 personal coaching on a Friday night and also coaches with our Development 1 (8-11) group.

Nick recently conducted a personal 1:1 session with one our regular attendees to our Development 2 (12-16) sessions. A player who plays every Saturday for a local girls team. Here is an account of how Nick ran the session from a pre meeting to design and delivery of the session.

To give added value to our personal football training sessions, we discuss with the player the areas that they would like to improve on. This particular player is a defensive minded with good technical ability and a natural athlete.

This particular player had identified dribbling as a key skill she wanted to improve, giving an added threat going forward during a game.

Nick designed a session focussing on aspects of the game that will improve the players “on the ball” skills and add attacking elements to her game. To start the session Nick worked on ball control, predominantly the first touch. This was paired with a reaction element to increase awareness of surroundings.

The session then progressed to control and passing, addressing the players composure on the ball. passing accuracy and consistency as well as side to side movement.

Nick running the 1:1 Personal Football Tuition Session in Leeds

As the player had identified dribbling as a key skill she wanted to improve, Nick focussed on ball mastery skills in a figure 8 shape. These are simple but effective drills that will improve the players co-ordination and footwork. During the drill, the player was encouraged to keep her head up and scan the environment while performing the dribbling drills. This will allows the player to function in the game with greater awareness and composure.

The final period of the session was a focus on shooting drills. Nick ran multiple different variations of the drill, some shots taking place with a first time from a layoff. Others after a short dribble through a cone section.  Here the player is encouraged to use both feet, which improves co-ordination, balance, and allows her to confidently play the ball wherever it may arrive to the player.

We hold 1:1 personal football training sessions every Friday night with two specialist coaches. Please contact us here for more details here….

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